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Your Medications to Your Door

Our pharmacy offers the convenience of prescription home delivery, at no additional cost, where you can get quality, affordable medications with ease.


We know that sometimes the last thing you want to do is have to leave the comfort of your own home to fill a prescription.


Free delivery will completely renovate the way you access your prescriptions and approach your health management.

Available for most prescriptions filled at Mountain Pharmacy. Please contact one of our Pharmacists for more information on medication delivery services.

Personal Pharmacy Consultation

Our pharmacists will review each of your medications to look for drug interactions, duplication of drug families, doses, administration procedures, and formulations to evaluate and optimize your health and reduce health-care costs.


This free consultation will answer all your questions leaving you confident and taken care of. By utilizing this service we have the opportunity to provide individual education, and ensure quality care catered to every patient.

Sorting Medicine

Medication Synchronization

Our pharmacists will coordinate medications to allow once a month refill pick up on a single day. This process saves time by eliminating multiple phone calls and trips, as well as increase compliance.

If you have multiple prescriptions that start on different days, we have the ability to finish out your month, and restart all your medications on one convenient day.

The ease provided by one day pick up will remove any anxiety that comes with having multiple medications spread throughout the month.

One trip to the pharmacy and you're done!

At Home

COVID-19 Antigen Tests

We carry COVID-19 antigen tests for your convenience.

Pick one up and self test in the comfort of your own home.

Pharmacy located in Meridian, ID and Caldwell, ID.

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