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About Us

Convenient,  Expert, Local Healthcare

Our pharmacy staff serves patients with the highest professional and ethical standards with 35 years of combined medicinal expertise.


We have carefully built a specialized and focused team including pharmacists who are committed to meeting the needs of our locally exclusive patient base.

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Meet Our Pharmacists

Professional headshot of Pharmacist, Robert, in white coat with a green foliage background.

Robert Anderson, Pharm D.

Robert is a 2017 Graduate from the UHH Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy in Hilo, Hawaii.

He has experience in Retail Pharmacy, Inpatient Pharmacy, and Oncology Pharmacy.


Originally from Shelley, Idaho, he has lived in many areas before returning to Idaho. Robert became interested in Pharmacy after volunteering at a hospital pharmacy and working for 2 years as a technician in an independent pharmacy.


Robert has a wife and 4 children that enjoy their dog, reading, and having adventures.

Photo of Cassandra with green foliage background

Cassandra Carper, Pharm D.

A Champion for Patient Care and Wellness

Cassandra is a dedicated pharmacist with over 30 years of experience, who prioritizes patient well-being in all aspects of her practice. She thrives in diverse pharmacy settings, from retail to oncology, with an unwavering commitment to improving patient outcomes. Her passion lies in ensuring patients receive the best possible care. She excels at:

  • Optimizing medication management: She implements programs to enhance medication adherence and understanding, leading to better health outcomes.

  • Building patient trust and relationships: Her compassionate approach ensures patients feel heard and supported throughout their healthcare journey.

  • Streamlining patient transitions: She has pioneered discharge programs that bridge the gap between hospital and home care, fostering a smoother recovery process.

  • Delivering exceptional patient service: Cassandra is a strong advocate for her patients, going the extra mile to address their concerns and ensure a positive experience.

Her leadership skills empower others to share her patient-centric vision. She fosters collaborative teams that prioritize clear communication and patient education.

Cassandra's dedication extends beyond the pharmacy walls. She actively volunteers with a motorcycle group that supports veterans, first responders, and those facing hardships.

Cassandra  embodies the spirit of patient care. Her expertise, compassion, and leadership make her a true champion for patient well-being.

How a Local Pharmacy will Benefit You

We do not answer to the corporate calls for high volume and production. In this way we have the ability to guarantee our patients receive the best service and personalized care available.

Our expert team is committed to meeting the needs of our exclusive physician and patient base because we care about our community.

We have unmatched customer service because our pharmacists connect with every individual who walks through our doors. Our patients are friends - not strangers.

We welcome prescriptions from all physicians throughout the Treasure Valley and strive to meet our patient’s needs in a friendly, prompt, and professional manner.

The value that comes with being a part of a local patient base is undivided assistance and care from consistent staff is incomparable to a large scale pharmacy.

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